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21 April 2010 @ 05:48 pm
Stupid People.  
Could an educated person please explain to me what gay marriage and child molestation have in common, please?
SO, In my public speaking class we are doing persuasive speaches. One of the girls in the class did her speech on what she believes marriage should be. Okay, good. A person is entitled to his/her own opinion. This girl, we'll call her Ella, decided it was a good idea to compare gay marriage, and i'm assuming gay people in general, with CHILD MOLESTERS!!! Seriously? That is totaly uncalled for. It's appaling, rude, and extremely IGNORANT! I would love to know where this information comes from. I hope she unterstands that most child molesters actually happen to be peoples fathers, uncles, brothers, other family memebers, and close family friends. All of these men are of course, straight. There are rare cases, where a queer person can also be a child molester. It's like saying all muslim people are terrorist. I'm not saying anyone's family member is a child molester, just that it more likely to be one of them than it is to be a queer man, or even woman.