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22 June 2010 @ 06:15 pm
SO, I'm moving to Las Vegas with one of my best friends in a little more than a year. I have two huge delima's though: My family, and my job.

Problem 1: I have no idea how to tell my family about my plans. They often disapprove of most everything I do. I have to live up to my cousin, who is, perfect in their opinion. I will be leaving a schoolarship that pays almost all of my tuition for one thing. Another thing is, that they tend to hold every little screw up I make agianst me for years, or until I make another mistake. So, if this plan falls through, and I have to return home, they will use it as an excuse to put me down in different ways. I have to get away from here though. I can no longer deal with the unnescessary pressure put on me. I have other, more importantant things to focus on, like figuring out what I want out of life, and not pleasing them.

Problem 2: I work part time at minimum wage. Plus, I only work about 15 hours a week, at the most. I have to save up 550 for school in non-acedemic related fees. I no longer have financial aid, because of, well, we wont go into that. But, I need a way to come up with at least 3500 on my own. My friend and I need roughly 7000 to move. Unless I find a way to get my financial aid, which gives me roughly 5k to waste on whatever I want, my little job won't be of much help.

On the bright side, we have nearly everything we need to live, ie, furniture, cooking utinsils, and other things like that. We won't have to buy much, outside of a kitchen table, and a couch/fuon. Luckilly those two things can be found fairly cheep.

Sadly though, my family is more of an obsticle than  the money. Well, here's to hoping everything works out.

Victoria Alizabeth